Condominium Terrace Garden

Shma Designs: We propose an immense green surface to mitigate the harshness of being adjacent to congested Ladprao Road. Fragments of diverse botanic plants are arranged in quilt-like pattern contrasting in form, colour and texture to achieve a complex yet serene beauty. Path and private niches are nestle in these interplaying green envelop providing resident…

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The terrace pool

Thai developers are competing hard for the perfect plots of land in town. No, they do not care much about how big the plot is, or how great the view it would get. As long as it is right next to the BTS (Bangkok’s Sky Train) station, it is perfect. In 2010, Trop got a…

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A new form of covered terrace garden landscaping

From the very beginning it was envisaged that the top of this station was to be an extraordinary world, an unexpected landscape that you would see from a distance, and when illuminated at night, would provide a glowing beacon among the high-rise buildings of this commercial district. This is not just another typical public garden…

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